Our holiday home "Al Teatro di Tavignano" is an old Marche rural house built entirely of brick. For its renovation, completed in 2017, we decided to maintain the original construction style using natural materials such as lime, hemp, terracotta and wood, and to use solar energy for heating. It is located on the crest of the green hill of Tavignano in the municipality of Cingoli, at an altitude of 270 meters, surrounded by centuries-old oaks and elms, in a small “borgo” with a thousand-year history dating back to Roman times.

We are musicians and here on the property we have built a small outdoor amphitheater where one can enjoy the pleasure of music, poetry or prose, or simply a chat under the starry sky.

Al Teatro di Tavignano
Località Tavignano 18A
I - 62011 Cingoli (Macerata)


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